This book provides a very detailed description of the function of the Yamaha XS 650 engine, which is based on more than 400 color photos. With the help of this book anyone who has the necessary equipment and basic knowledge should be able to perform maintenance and repair-work. Problems in the electrical system are actually easy to fix. If you don't want to do it by trial and error, this book helps you to understand the electric system of the XS 650. On 35 pages with 38 color photos and graphics you will find an extensive description of the function and how to test all components of the power supply. In addition, a highly simplified wiring harness, which contains all the necessary functions, is described. New spare parts are rarely available. So a whole chapter with 34 color photos is dedicated to the description of typical damages. It will help you to recognize the beginning of wear and to decide wether a part should be replaced or not. Item is Pre-order. Delivery time takes 6-12 business days for orders within Metro Manila and 9-15 business days for provincial regions. For more product information just visit the link: 716 BSA Twin Towers, Tower A, Ortigas Bank Drive Mandaluyong, Metro Manila Philippines 1550 Office 6545110 | 4250153 Viber, Line, Wechat, Whatsapp 0917-8425012 Globe 0917-8425012 Smart 0918-6364116 Sun 0923-6058066 Email:

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